Activities Committee100_2311

Our Activities Committee is comprised of church volunteers who are committed to helping and serving our parish community in accordance with our mission statement and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Jesus frequently reminds us to care for one another, to help feed and clothe the poor and to give generously. This is not one person’s responsibility but the responsibility of all our parishioners.

Donation Sources:

  • Dino’s Park-n-Shop store receipts
  • Brigido’s IGA Supermarket store receipts
  • Annual Christmas Bazaar
  • Giving Tree (Seasonal)
  • Holiday Food Baskets (Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • St. Patrick’s Food Pantry, Harrisville, R.I.*
  • Spring Clam Cakes & Chowder

* St. Patrick’s Church Food Pantry gladly accepts non-perishable food items and gift card donations throughout the year. For more information please call the inter parish office.