Parish Staff

Rev. Scott J. Carpentier
401-568-5600 or

Pastor Emeritus:
Rev. Bernard O’Reilly, D-Min., Ph.D

Administrative Assistant


Faith Formation Coordinator
Mr. Dennis Auger, M.A.
401-568-5600 or 401-568-2411

Mr. Richard Phelan

Ms. Susan Napolitano

Web Administrator
Mrs. Donna E. Pelletier or

Mr. George Lough
Mr. Roger Johnson

Parish Council
Mr. George Lough
Mr. Roger Johnson
Mrs. Barbara Langlois
Mrs. Mary Leach

Financial Council
Mrs. Mary Leach
Mrs Renay McLeish
Mr. Peter Lamontagne
Mr. George Lough
Mr. Ron Parenteau

Parish Auditors
Mr. Marc Genereux, CPA
Mrs. Barbara C. Langlois

Important Note:
The parish will provide an annual record of contributions consisting of cash and checks, given through the budget envelope system. For any special contributions given to the church without using the envelope system, an official receipt of contribution will be provided upon request. Please call the parish office at 401-568-5600 between 8:00 a.m. to 12 noon to order envelopes or if you have any questions.