Saint Patrick Church 

Tree of Life Plaque Memorial Leaf

The Tree of Life Plaque is utilized for multiple purposes to memorialize those who have given much to the community, as well as, those who have gone before us in the sign of faith.

In preparation for the month of November, in which the Universal Church remembers all the souls of the faithful departed, the memorial leaf on the Tree of Life Plaque at Saint Patrick’s Church will be available to engrave a memorial tribute to a deceased relative or friend. This is open to all family members and friends of Saint Patrick Church and Saint Joseph Church.

Please complete the form to reserve a memorial leaf on one of the Tree of Life Plaques in the Church of Saint Patrick (one form for each leaf). A starting donation for a memorial leaf is $100. A 25% donation from every leaf will be made to Saint Patrick Cemetery Corporation to assist with the operating account. Thank you for your support.

Please print and return to your respective parish. Questions contact the Parish office at 401-568-5600.

Leaf Memorial form